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Since our foundation in 1887, Albert Jagger Limited has been associated with innovation, excellent service and the highest quality products for vehicles of all types.

At Albert Jagger, we strive to offer our customers everything they need. We believe that in order to offer our customers the flexibility that their industries demand, we need to be designing and manufacturing industrial hardware and components.

As part of the process to ensure that we provide our customers with flexibility, versatility and diversity we have our own in-house manufacturing department. As one of the market leaders in our industry, we don’t just supply Commercial Vehicle Hardware, we design and manufacture them too.​

Covering some 25,000 sq ft, our dedicated production facility gives us the flexibility to respond immediately to customer's demands by maintaining all aspects of the production process in-house. A fully equipped tool room, supported by the latest CAD technology with 3D modelling capabilities, combines dynamic product development with dramatic time and cost reductions. This enables us to provide a swift, efficient and flexible response to any individual requirements not met by our standard stock range.


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